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          Sexual Assault Crisis Line

          SACL is a proactive leader in supporting, advocating and providing a crisis response for people who have experienced sexual violence. We are passionate about and committed to working towards the prevention of violence in all its forms.

          1800 806 292*

          Free call* Victoria, Australia

          The Sexual Assault Crisis Line Victoria (SACL)  is a state-wide, after-hours, confidential, telephone crisis counselling service for people who have experienced both past and recent sexual assault.

          SACL is the central after hours coordination centre for all recent sexual assaults and provides immediate crisis responses throughout Victoria.

          SACL operates between 5pm weeknights through to 9am the next day and throughout weekends and public holidays.

          Download our brochure

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          What does SACL provide?

          • Afterhours telephone crisis counselling support, information, advocacy and referral to anyone living in Victoria who has experienced any form of sexual assault at any point in their lives.
          • Co-ordination of a crisis care response to recent victim/survivors of sexual assault within the last 2 weeks throughout Victoria. This involves an immediate face to face response with a Counsellor/Advocate from CASA.
          • Support and information to non-offending family and friends.
          • Information on legal and medical rights/options
          • Advocacy with service providers and secondary consultation to professionals
          • Information and referral for people who have experienced family violence


          Media release: Demand on Centres Against Sexual Assault (CASAs) services 

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          SACL supports the LGBTIQ community and the principle of equal human rights for all.

          Sexual Assault Report Anonymously

          Report past or recent sexual assault or harrassment to Sexual Assault Report Anonymously.  Anonymous data from SARA is passed on to police and contributes to police intelligence about sexual assault and helps keep our community safer.

          aboriginal torres flagsSACL acknowledges and pays respect to the Kulin nations, the traditional owners of the land on which SACL sits today. We pay our respects to them, their culture and their Elders, past, present and future.

          The Royal Women's Hospital apology to the Stolen Generations

          CASA Forum annual report 2017-2018